Meeting Minutes Board Meeting January 10, 2021

Meeting Minutes Board Meeting January 10, 2021

Call to order: 4:00pm

In attendance: Jessica Shapiro, Bonnie Bettencourt, Michael Morales, Jessica Rhoades, Kandas Wright, Erin Santoro

No guests were in attendance.

Update: January 2021 Financials: Mike Morales

  • Applying for Relief Grant: Eligible for up to $5000
    • Application period ends today. We will wait to hear.
  • Waiting to see if additional funding might be available
  • Proposing that we publish our minutes from each meeting to the public to keep transparency and keep our community informed about our status, what we are doing and what we are planning.
  • During filing for relief grant, we were asked for information that brings up questions about ensuring our public filings, including our updated board of directors, etc. Suggested that we reach out to our MYACT community for resources or check with Sierra Nonprofit Services group for more information.
    • Non-profit 501 (c)(3) administrative filings and updates
      • Treasurer has recognized a need for a qualified entity to review our documentation and filings to ensure compliance; need board input and suggestions.
      • Mike has agreed to look into this by Friday 1/15/2021.
    • Profit and loss, summary of 2020
      • Available on request. Interested parties should contact Mike Morales for more information.   Contact at

 Budget Related Items

  • Grants and Donations
    • November 2020 Received $7457 from Tuolumne County Non-Profit Grant Fund
    • January 2021 Applied for $5000 grant from California Relief Grant Program
  • 2020 Final P&L
    • Available on request. Interested parties should contact Mike Morales for more information.   Contact at
    • 2021 draft budget (refer to attached report)
    • Cash Balance as of 12/31/2020 =
      • $9782 (Checking Account)
      • $423 PayPal
  • 2021 Draft Budget
    • Available on request. Interested parties outside of the Board of Directors should contact Mike Morales for more information.   Contact at
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer is requesting meeting minutes be published within one week of meeting so that the minutes can be posted to our website in a timely manner.
  • About 7 donations came in as a result from the Christmas cards
    • Erin says she will work to maintain this list of who was sent Christmas cards and continuing an ongoing updated list of our contacts. Jessica will work on updating the letter so we can send out a mailing to the updated list soon.
  • Building Lease
    • Treasurer is recommending to seek a one year extension of current lease with same terms. Need board input and discussion.
    • Mike will be requesting that our lease agreement stands as is for an additional year. He will report back on this by February 2nd, 2021
  • General note: All expenses have been covered on time!
  • Proposed budget and income for 2021
    • With guestimated income and expenses, we will need additional income.
    • Currently: We can cover expenses into Q2 – by the end with no additional income, we will be around $700 balance.
  • Project Management Calendar Options
    • Bonnie and Jessica will look into templates for fluid calendar with list of projects, due dates and who is responsible for each task so it can be tracked and managed.
    • Erin will ask her Mom if she has any templates that their organization uses that might be helpful.


  • Jessica will look into Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
  • Looking into Valentine’s Day themed fundraiser?
  • Erin will look into See’s Candy
  • Bonnie will reach out to restaurants about a dinner pickup fundraiser
  • Possible options to coordinate with local car wash?
  • Kandas is checking with St. Charles about fundraiser with them
  • Singing Telegrams?


  • Junior Advisory board graphic has been shared
    • This needs to be advertised to teens who would like to be involved
    • Ages 12-18
    • Ask kids to reach out to their friends
  • Board of Directors
    • In need of growing the board
    • 18 and over
    • See if they’d like to attend or get information about what is required of a board meeting
    • Candidates will be considered by the board
    • Reach out to 3 people per board member – either board member, sponsor, volunteer, etc. to invite people to get involved. Looking to grow our community.
    • Biggest need: Marketing and social media


  • Limited production options
    • Deadline of first week of March to make decision and put into action
    • Limited audience at 25% capacity or possibly online option
    • Small cast would be needed
    • Production in May, possibly outdoors
    • Looking into non-royalty show
    • Fundraising event with opportunity for performances
    • Note: Kyla willing to direct night of Gershwin as a concert as well
  • Summer Camp
    • Kyla was interested in allowing someone else to direct Catch a Falling Spy with modifications to a junior length production at about 1.5 hours.
    • No royalties, costume work would be minimal
    • Older kids who were participating previously may want to move on to leadership type roles rather than typical summer camp participation
    • Also hybrid of small audiences or online production options possibly with more performances
  • Fall Options
    • To be discussed – please send any suggestions or ideas to Jessica
  • Upcoming meetings:
    • March 14th
    • May 16th (to avoid Mother’s Day)
    • July 11th
    • September 12th
    • November 14th

Adjourned: 5:46pm

Respectfully submitted: Bonnie Bettencourt, Secretary

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