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MYACT Statement, May 24, 2020

MYACT Statement, May 24, 2020

Like many organizations in our community Mountain Youth and Community Theatre has been greatly impacted by the on going situation with the global Covid – 19 pandemic. We have every hope and expectation to come back to you as strong as ever when we are allowed to re-open in the ways we have operated in the past. Unfortunately we are not able to host our flagship summer camp program this year. Summer camp is what our program grew from, it is also how we earn much of operating costs for the year. We believe we can overcome the temporary shut down and come back with a new found strength within a stronger community. In order for this to be possible we are continuing to explore fundraising methods and performance opportunities that allow us to keep working on our Mission Statement.

How can you help? Please take part in and/or enjoy our online Entertainment Extravaganzas, the next one will be available on Facebook or YouTube on May 29th at 6pm, free for all to watch Donations greatly appreciated.

Look for our songs of summer presentation June 27th, tickets information and advertising opportunities to come. In July we will be holding a yard sale fundraiser please look for more information to contribute or purchase at that event. Be on the look out for our next MYACT Food Delivery fundraiser which both supports local business and raises funds for the theatre.

We are working on some alternate plans for summer camp, this would not look like our normal summer camp but instead small group activities. As soon as we have more information and the go ahead to proceed under current regulations we will announce more information.

Continue to let us know what you’d like to see from us and how’d you’d like to help us.

Mountain Youth and Community Theatre is only as strong as our community of families that participate and our community of patrons who support what we do. If you are able at this time please consider a donation.

We are down but we are not out!

Thank you from the MYACT Family