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The Wonders Of Disney and Theatre

The Wonders Of Disney and Theatre

– Guest Blogger: Jessica Shapiro

I remember taking my daughter to Disneyland when she was five. It was a big deal and we had one day. So we got there just after opening and we stayed until 10pm. Every turn throughout the day was sprinkled with pixie dust. We met princesses, we rode in ships through the air, we saw it’s a small world all dressed up for the holidays, and right before closing we stayed for fireworks.  As the fireworks display finished, it began to snow on Main Street.  I saw the glimmer in my daughter’s eyes and I know in my heart that Disney is magic. 

I clearly remember the emotional impact of that day and honestly it has only ever been matched by my experiences with theatre.

This last weekend at MYACT, I saw the wonders of Disney and Theatre come together, though not for the first time (but that is a tale for another day). 

MYACT’s Night of Disney, was the brain child of my daughter. That same 5 year old who is now a bright and talented 15 year old thought it would be fun to do a concert of Disney material.  “Boy oh Boy” Was she right! (You have to hear it in Mickey’s voice for the full effect).

I got to facilitate in wonderful performers from 5 to adult bringing their love and their passions to the stage.  I was privileged to see our Dancers shine, in tap, ballet, and lyrical performances. What a sight for the whole ensemble to participate in several numbers on limited rehearsal time.  Showcasing their individual personalities was such a joy.  Among my favorite moments, Tina and Alissa leading Supercalifra…. (even though they had to spell it in the song, I am not quite as talented), Leyla taking on “How Far I’ll Go,” with only a week’s notice, with a super sweet assist from Lize, and breakout performances from some of our littles, Sophie and Whalen, with their respective takes on Frozen. Though I only mentioned a few they all were bright stars and I am thankful for and impressed by every single one of them.

Watching these kids and adults bring to life moments of Disney magic had me welling up with excitement.  We had young ones in the audience dancing in the aisles, wanting to see more, wanting to skip intermission or dance their way through intermission to become the show, and we had kids and parents become believers in the magic of Disney and the magic of Community Theatre.

Everything we do takes at the Theatre requires a large community of support. So I just would like to take a minute to thank our tech help helmed by Kyla and Kandas, with assists from Amanda and Anni. All the parents who participated by getting your kids to rehearsals and having them practice at home, it is not possible without that support.  Huge kudos to my dancers who took the brunt of the workload for this show, additionally helping to choreograph some of their own performances. Special mention to Cierra for the work she did and the one on one Tap lessons she gave to one of our newer tappers, that’s the theatre spirit for sure! None of this would have happened without the choreography, mentoring and teaching from Janae. Who I have had the pleasure to watch grow from theatre kid to amazing adult and person I am pleased to call friend.   Finally thank you to Alissa for that twinkle in her eye at 5 and her vision for doing this show, the work she put in to choreography, and spreading the magic to all.