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Board Meeting Minutes April 14, 2024

Board Meeting Minutes April 14, 2024

MYACT Board Minutes – April 14, 2024 

  • Call to order:  1:06pm
  • In Attendance: Bonnie Bettencourt, Kristy Miller, Janae Perkins, Katie Lind, Jessica Shapiro, Buck Collie, Cassandra Miller, Jadyn Mueller, Erin Santoro
  • Guests: Rebecca Fitzwater
  • Approval of minutes: Janae motioned to approve, Buck seconded, approved by all.


Financial Report (Janae Perkins) 

  • Budget Report 

           ○ 2023 Year-End Budget; handout provided.

○ 2024 Q1 Review  

○ 2024 Proposed Budget for approval 

  • Show Updates 

■ Freaky Friday; $6770 profit. 

○ Upcoming Show Budgets 

■ A Year with Frog and Toad; $1912 projected. 

■ Much Ado About Nothing; $1180 projected. 

  • Janae suggests looking at anticipated ticket sales & matinees for all upcoming shows

○ Facilities Funds Update – balance remaining; $4811.

  • $582.67 for scissor lift for fan installation pending.  

○ Scholarship Funds Update – $1500 current balance.   

13 scholarship requests to date. 

○ Acting For All Club Update – total funds raised by Cierra; $4250.

  • Stipends which are declined by payee need to be included in budget. 
  • Gala budget needed; goal is to make $15,000 profit.
    Proposal to approve $1,500 budget to begin. Cassie motioned, Katie seconded, approved.
  • Access to bank account – discussed removing Jessica, she is in agreement.
  •  Erin motioned, Cassie seconded, approved by all to remove Jessica Shapiro from bank account access.   
  • Bonnie Bettencourt and Janae Perkins only will continue having access.
  • WE HAVE VENMO!!! @ MYACT. Can add other administrators.
    •  We now have access to TechSoup with non-profit discounts to purchase programs and software. $18 fee provides 50% off software.
    • New MYACT tax ID # needed
  • Reimbursement Policy discussed and copy of policy provided. Expense Reimbursement Form and 

photo of receipt can be emailed to MYACT gmail within 30 days of expenditure.  

Facilities Update (Buck Collie) 

  • Update on swamp cooler, pads, cleaning, service schedule; Buck will follow up within 2 weeks.

○ Installation of new swamp cooler by tool room – Kyla will donate, plan for May or June. 

  • Back wall and exhaust fans are still on hold due to weather. 

  Kristy to contact Casey re scheduling.  Will need to coordinate time with Barry. 


  • Funds allocated ($10k) to Facilities on June 23, 2023
    •$5,189 has been used to date. 

○ Future Plans for remaining funds;  Buck and Kyla to make list. 

  • Roof leaks update: Repairs are needed, correction of insulation. Roll-on sealant needed.
  • Lights are needed for sheds.
  • Decided to use shop lights with extension cords; Buck to shop and send info to Bonnie. 
  • Alarm System from Granite Peak Alarm now installed – ready to arm 

     ○ Codes needed for each person who has access.

  • Canopy:  inexpensive tarps are working, so plan to continue until a better option is found
  • Possibility of permanent cover to be discussed next year. 
  • Removal of the Zip Line may not be necessary if smaller fans are used upstairs; Buck to measure.
  • Problem with drainage outside the building that causes flooding (by green room) 
  • Kristy has spoken to landlord who is agreeable to needed correction. 
  • Sewer line is below culvert that overflows. Plan to contact a consultant re 

what is necessary to divert water from building foundation. 

Committees Update (Kristy)                                                                   

  • Marketing Committee – Kristy 
  • Social media, web, advertising, press release, community calendar, advertising  
  • Bonnie talked to Rob and is waiting for his reply. 
  •  UDTV Run Dates are on the Calendar – Krista 
  • Proposal for upcoming has been completed through June 
  • GoDaddy has been renewed – will be looking into other options for the future.

          Cassie will talk to Rob. 

  • Fundraising Committee – Cassie 
  • Advertising sales, donations
    • Ad sales are up
    • Amazon Smiles Program not longer exists 
    • Cassie is updating tracking sheet, phasing out In Kind, and updating prices
  • Update on upcoming fundraising efforts 
    • Plan for 2025 allocation for fundraising
    • Frog and Toad
    •  Other fundraisers 
  • Popcorn Machine and Printer are priorities! 
    •  Proposed: $1750 for popcorn machine 
      • Posters planned for location fundraisers
      • Will be thank you notes for donations
  • New meeting date; decision postponed. 
  • Cassie is taking Grant Writing class.
  • Volunteer Fair – May 23rd, 4pm-7pm 
  •  Who can attend the new date; decision postponed. 


  •  Summer Camp Program Committee – Bonnie 
    • Planning, organizing, and setup 

                       Bonnie, Kyla, Jessica, Alissa, Kristy, Becca, Janae 

Budget has been started 

  • Staff applications have been sent out; need to be turned in.
    •  47 students have enrolled to date.
    • No staff for music yet.  Janae will talk to Joey.
  • Production meetings to begin planning will occur after staff is selected.
  • Events (Gala) Committee 
  • Gala September 7th; Mt Brow and Kevin are available. Date confirmed. 
  • Meeting needed to start planning -Kristy to set date
  • Volunteer Committee and Lobby – Becca Fitzwater 
  • Obtain and coordinate volunteers (2 people) 
  • Becca – set up for volunteers, a board member on duty, and donation sign-up for each production. Volunteer sign-ups will be posted to Google Classroom and Performers Group for each production, and shared with the board. Need more volunteers.
  •  Becca working on the lobby display for Frog and Toad 
    •  Including restocking all items in concessions as needed 
    •  Sodas, popcorn, treats, hot drinks, cups, silverware, plates, napkins, etc. 

Fundraising Update 

  •  Cierra’s fundraiser for Acting for All – completed and successful 
  • Proposed: Increased prices to front row and box seats (back row)  
    • Possibly to start with Fall show; decision postponed.
    •  Proposed Pricing: 

■ Current: $12/$15 tickets

■ Increase: $15/$18 tickets 

  •  Advertising for Summer Camp Raffle – April 1st through June 2nd  
    •  Will be advertised online with the option for online sales 
    • To be drawn at the final show for Much Ado About Nothing
  •  Summer Camp Scholarship Fund – currently at $1425 
    •  $1000 from the grant allocated to the scholarship 
    •  85 raffle tickets sold – Christmas Carol and Freaky Friday – $425 
      •  Can add $75 to make a full $500 scholarship 
      •  Won by Cindy Hatler, donated back to use as the board sees fit 
    •  Applications are going out to those who requested a scholarship 


Production Updates 

  •  Production Committee – TBD 
    •  Kyla to help create committee structure 
    • Bonnie to meet with Kyla first week of May; date TBA
  • MYACT After Dark Production Proposal – Erin 
  • Review proposal presented; for older teens and adults
  •  Details to be discussed within the production committee 
    • Erin to explore further ideas. Will meet w/ Art Delgado (Tuolumne City Live)
  • 2024 Season – Below is the schedule for review and reference 
  • March/April: 
  • A Year with Frog and Toad (Lize and Joey)   Shows: April 26th, 27th, 28th 
  • April-June: 
    •  Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing (Jadyn and ?) 

             ■ Auditions: April 4, 5 cancelled due to snow. Plan for email auditions (Jadyn) 

                ■ Shows: May 30th-June 2nd (4 days) 

  •  June – Pipsqueaks 
    •  Pipsqueaks 1st session, Medieval theme (Kyla) 
      •  Staff: Kyla, Ella, Madison, Ashleigh, Joey, Lize, Halo, Alissa 
      •  June 17th-22nd 
  •  July-August 
    •  Elf Jr. -Staff TBD 
      • Camp: July 1st-August 2nd 
      • Shows: August 1st-4th (5 shows) 
    • Pipsqueaks 2nd session, Trolls theme (Halo) -Staff TBD 
      • Camp Aug 5-10
      • Show: August 10th 
    •  Staffing applications will be out soon for those interested in working in summer camp 

     ■ 4 – director, choreographer, stage manager, stage director, 1 – administrative position,      additional helpers 

  • August-October 
    • Acting for All – Too Many Frogs (Sue Collie and Marianne Curmie) 

     ■ Production Meetings: Aug 13th, 15th, 16th 

  •  Auditions: Aug 17th 
  • Rehearsals: Aug 22nd-Sept 19th (see calendar) 
  • Production: Sept 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 27th, 28th, 29th 
  • First Production Meeting Offsite (by invitation): April 18th 6:30pm. 
  • October-December 
    •  Anastasia (Janae and Halo)
      • Ages 7 – 17
      •  Show dates: November 8th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 16th, 17th 

Any New Business 

  •  Buy a Zoom membership 

 Pro Half Price through TechSoup: $79.92 +18 fee 

  •  Propose to purchase 1-year membership with Zoom.
    • Katie motioned, Cassie seconded, all approved.  
  • Discussed possibly lowering quality and cost of show programs.

Future Board Meetings 

  • Zoom meeting 2nd Thursday of the Month – 6:30pm 
    • 2024 Zoom Meetings: May 9th, June 13th, August 8th, September 21th, November 14th, December 12th 
  •  One meeting in person quarterly – January, April, July, October – 1pm 
    •  2024 Meetings: July 14th, October 13th, January 12th 

CLOSED SESSION (if needed) : NA

Meeting Adjourned (Time): 3:13pm

Submitted by (Name and Signature): Katie Lind and Bonnie Bettencourt

Disney’s Newsies Jr.

Disney’s Newsies Jr.


Friday 2/24 at 7pm
Saturday 2/25 at 2pm and 7pm
Sunday 2/26 at 2pm
Friday 3/3 at 7pm
Saturday 3/4 at 2pm

Saturday 3/4 at 7pm
Sunday 3/5 at 2pm
Friday 3/10 at 7pm
Saturday 3/11 at 2pm and 7pm
Sunday 3/12 at 2pm

Directed by Kyla Hatler
Choreography by Janae Perkins
Music Direction by Aaron David and Joseph Fitzgerald
Costumes by Grace Bunk
Stage Management by Ashleigh Hansen
Lighting Design by Benjamin Diamond